Month: November 2013

Alfredo Sauce

Rich Creamy Alfredo Sauce I absolutely love Alfredo Sauce and this versatile sauce is great over many things. I love this sauce with chicken and fettuccine noodles best.  Alfredo sauce is also great with shrimp and prawns, white fish, crab and even pork chops. You can take pork chops or a boneless skinless chicken breast and smother it in this sauce for a tasty main entree’. Alfredo sauce is also awesome with vegetables such as mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, or asparagus. If you want to try a great vegetarian dish just serve one of the fore mentioned vegetable over noodles with...

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Roasted Mushrooms

Roasted Mushrooms Roasted mushrooms with garlic is a lovely little appetizer or vegetable to go with your entree’. Roasted mushrooms can be made in a variety of ways. If you are cooking over a fire then you can just wrap them in foil or use a Dutch oven to roast them. If using an oven, any good baking sheet lined with foil works as well. To roast your mushrooms in a Dutch oven just be sure to have enough coals to get the oven in the 400-degree ranch. Keeping in mind that for every 2 coals are roughly 25 degrees...

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Cast Iron Care

Cast iron care is critical to keep your cookware in good working order. Cast iron cookware is a wonderful accoutrement for the outdoor, or indeed, indoor, chef. Naturally non-stick when used and maintained properly, cast iron can add trace amounts of iron to one’s food. Its best quality is that it heats evenly and thoroughly. It does, however, require a type of treatment unique among cookware. Cast iron pans are almost never meant to be washed (aside from possibly at first usage). Instead, they must be seasoned, which means melting lard into tiny crevices in the metal. Done properly,...

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Hobo Stew

Delicious Hobo Stew Hobo Stew is also known by some as tin foil dinners. I first learned about these when I was a camp assistant cook back in college at Hidden Valley Camp. During our training week, we got to go on an overnight and the counselor in charge of training during this evening showed us how to make these. He first showed us how to build a nice cooking fire and while that was burning down to some nice coals, he began cutting up the vegetables and mixing up a biscuit mix. Then he got out the foil, placed some hamburger...

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Pie Iron Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The Pie Iron Grilled Cheese Sandwich recipe calls for the use of a pie iron. These are handy little sandwich makers made from aluminum, steel or cast iron. My favorite is the cast iron pie iron like this one found on Amazon. There are a variety of pie irons you can choose from and these are used for more than just grilled cheese sandwiches. I’ve used them to cook eggs, toast, and even hamburgers. I’ve also used this great cooking tool to make cookies as well as other tasty desserts. They are easy to clean and don’t take up much...

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