Month: December 2013

Barbecue Sauce

Barbecue Sauce I remember as a young child growing up in a great grilling/barbecue country in California, my dad would make his own barbecue sauce. His sauce was the best and couldn’t be matched by anything bought in a store back in the 1970s. Then when I came up with the idea to make my own sauce I asked my dad if he had that recipe. He promptly said he had forgotten after all these years. So what I’ve come up with here is a base recipe that I’ve added to to try and mimic the incredible sauce my...

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Cooking in an RV

Cooking in an RV is a challenge. In the summer time, you do most of your cooking outside and cook over your fire, grill, or outdoor stove. You cook everything outside if possible because it’s easier and I think it’s more fun. But right now it’s winter and it is looking like winter’s prognosis is not too warm. So here I am stuck inside my RV and trying to figure out what to cook for dinner. There are a couple of things about cooking in an RV that make it especially challenging, one is space and the other is condensation. There are also lesser issues with cooking with gas and using an RV oven that need to be overcome. Cooking in an RV Space The first consideration you must deal with in an RV is limited space. Even the nicest most expensive RVs only have so much kitchen and counter space. My RV has practically no counter space. This leaves me with using the table, the sink cover and the stove cover for most of my counter space. This isn’t much of an issue until you are trying to roll out a pie crust or bread dough and you can not get enough of a good roll on it. It is also frustrating when you have a bunch of vegetables that need to be cut up. To battle this...

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Pumpkin Pie Dip

Pumpkin Pie Dip We recently spent Thanksgiving with some friends down in little Randle, Washington. This was our first long trip in our new RV (longer than 2 hours) and we were excited for a change in scenery and to spend time with a very good friend her fantastic family. This all spawned itself because we received a two-night free stay at a KM resort and they happened to have a campground/resort in Randle where our friend Cori lived. Since Cori had extended a Thanksgiving invitation for the past couple of years we thought this might be the year...

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Are Campfires A Thing Of The Past?

What! Why Are Campfires a Thing of the Past? I was recently reading an RV forum where the discussion was about whether campfires are a thing of the past or are moving to be a thing of the past. This post really got me thinking as I read about why campfires would be denied in a campground. There was a post as to why it is not allowed. California, for one, has banned burning in many areas because of the pollution it can cause. There was another post about someone who had camped at Chain O’ Lakes in Indiana who said, “…the smog caused by smoldering campfires left to burn for days was so bad and was worse than anything in L.A.” This person also emphasized being responsible with your campfire and putting it out. I agree that putting out your fire is the best practice we should all do. Another person hated campfires because of the issues it caused with their asthma. I unfortunately have to watch my dear friend suffer through this when we build campfires as well. She needs to shower before going to bed otherwise the smell of the smoke can cause an attack. I can truly see the waste and pollution that campfires can bring. I used to camp with some people who believed that burning everything not attached to a person or a...

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Cheeseburger Pockets

Super Fantastic Cheeseburger Pockets I have one word for the Cheesy Burger Pockets recipe, delicious! I was skeptical that they would turn out greasy and runny but nothing was further from the truth. These were juicy yet not greasy, flavorful and very yummy. This recipe can be prepared ahead of time by mixing and cooking up the hamburger at home. The dough can also be prepared ahead of time so all you have to do is cook them once you get to the site. Premade dough can also be used instead of homemade to make it easier. This will save...

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