Month: April 2014

Choosing a Camp Stove

Which Camp Stove Is Right For You? Deciding which stove is right for you begins with analyzing the type of camping you intend to do. There are many different products on the market, some are huge production stoves that can feed many people while others are small and compact and will fit inside your backpack for a weekend trip in the back country. This article deals with four popular brands for both back country camping and car camping. Camp Chef is a leader in outdoor cooking gear. The Camp Chef Rainier 2 burner stove with griddle is an excellent choice for those who want to camp out of their car for a weekend. Having two burners makes it easy to boil water, or make coffee while you cook breakfast. These come with a built in wind screen, burn at about 8000 BTU and run on propane gas. These little stoves are fantastic for families who need to feed the kids and clean up quickly so you can go on with your camping fun. Camp Chef has done it again with this heavy duty free standing camp stove that is designed for longer stays with more people. You can hook up a large propane tank to this stove, which can last you for many days of camp cooking. These stoves are extremely sturdy and are great for freeing up valuable...

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Choosing the Right Dutch Oven

The Beauty of Dutch Ovens Dutch ovens are an awesome addition to your outdoor cooking pursuits. This is an extremely versatile baking, stewing and frying tool. You can use one of these ovens to bake breads, cakes, muffins or anything else you can think of. They are also awesome for making stews and soups. I also use mine to make my ole Aunt Polly’s baked beans. Lastly these make a great pot for deep frying things like french fries, fish or onion rings. What ever you can think of you can use a Dutch oven for. I’ve even cooked bacon in mine Dutch oven in a pinch. Types of Dutch Ovens Dutch ovens come in a couple of different configurations.  The enameled oven which is primarily used for cooking casseroles in an oven or over a gas grill. These ovens generally are cast iron with an enamel outer layer. They are used a lot in French cooking. The chuck-wagon type is the most common used type for outdoor cooking and camping. This type of Dutch oven usually comes with three small legs, a wire bale handle and and a concave rimmed lid which keeps the coals in place on top of the oven. The legs also provide a space to put coals under the oven. This provides a nice uniform heat for baking items. So which Dutch oven is...

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Rome Cast-Iron Square Pie Iron Review

Rome Cast-Iron Square Pie Iron This is hands down a great sandwich maker for camping and should always be part of your camp cooking gear. I’ve been using various pie irons for 20 or more years now and I never leave for a camping trip without one. I have two, one is a very old aluminum iron I picked up back in college, the other is this Rome Cast-Iron Square Pie Iron. This is hands down my favorite pie iron to use because it is made of cast iron and cast iron is one of my favorite cooking materials. The...

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