Month: May 2014

Campfire Frittata

Easy Campfire Frittata I love making frittatas because they are fun to make and taste amazing. Making a frittata is also very easy and only requires a good cast iron frying pan with a lid that can withstand coals set on top of it. This recipe is only partially made with a campfire. I usually start this on a stove and when I’m ready I place the lid on the cast iron pan and place about 10 to 15 coals on the lid to finish cooking the top.You can use either charcoal or coals from your campfire, either will...

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The Camp Kitchen

Preparing for a camping trip always involves figuring out what food you want to bring along. Even if all you do are hot dogs on a stick you must plan having a stick to cook them on and a cooler to keep them cold. Many of the recipes on this site, and in my book Damn Delicious Dishes (available now on Amazon) are much more complex and involve a little planning. In this article, I list some basic equipment you should have on any camping trip to enjoy your cooking experience. One thing you should consider is how are you going to store your food and equipment? A good cooler is essential for keeping items cold. Styrofoam is not recommended because not only is it bad for the environment, it’s flimsy and is easy for animals to get into. I prefer a good hard sided cooler large enough to hold all the cold items I intend to bring. For all intents and purposes, I prefer a cooler with wheels because once all that food and ice is in a large cooler can get very heavy. Having wheels helps you to transport it much easier, especially if your site is some distance from your car. The one pictured here is large enough for a long weekend. You can find this on or any outdoor store. The next thing I think...

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My name is Barbara and I love making comfort food. I love to ask questions about food and cooking and answer them with each post. I am dedicated to providing you with simple comfort food recipes that are damn delicious, sustainable, and sooth the soul. Come join me and hopefully we'll have a damn good time and learn a little from each other.

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