Month: October 2014

25 Ways to Use Sauerkraut

Oktoberfest in Germany may have ended, but you can keep the celebrations going all month long. Sauerkraut, a traditional German fermented cabbage, isn’t just a delicious hot dog topping or stuffing for Reuben sandwiches. It contains probiotics (those… This recipe is a re=post from our friend Robert. Damn Delicious Dishes makes no guarantees for the quality of this article, as we merely re-post recipes we find delectable. We do this so that we can bring you new and different cuisines from different sites around the world. We think it keeps Damn Delicious Dishes unique and fun, and we hope you enjoy these recipes. We try to keep any recipe re-posts that we put on this website interesting, and yet still relevant to outdoor cooking. While not all recipes show how to make them outdoors, we feel that with some slight alterations, the recipes can easily be made outdoors. Our motto here at the Culinary Camper is that you can cook anything outdoors that you can cook in an indoor kitchen, with just a little ingenuity and creativity. We enjoy featuring new articles like this one from our friends around the web. If you would like to contribute, please contact us by filling out the form on our about page, and we will contact you about featuring your post on our website. If you have any other ideas or suggestions...

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Easy Delicious Pizza Rolls

Homemade Pizza Rolls Frozen pizza rolls were big on my list of favorites when I was a kid. They were so easy for us to make, and my mother loved that she did not have to try to come up with after school snacks for us when she was busy. Homemade pizza rolls are a great alternative to the frozen processed kind. There are lots of different ingredients you can use in pizza rolls, but I found that pepperoni was easiest to work with, it also tastes really good. Easy Peasy There are just four basic ingredients to this recipe....

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Kombucha For Health and Taste You may have heard that green tea is really good for you and helps your immune system, well Kombucha does too. There have been many claiming the health benefits including increasing the metabolism, improving your immune system, improving brain function, it can lower your risk of cancer, and it can lower the risk of Alzheimer’s. These are just a few of the many benefits that green tea can bring. See for more information. A Fermented Drink Now bring on Kombucha, a fermented drink made with tea, sugar, and yeast. People brew Kombucha with...

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Cheesy Bread with Roasted Tomato Sauce

Thank you for visiting Damn Delicious Dishes, unfortunately, this recipe has been removed in the interest of keeping our content original. Please visit our original recipes here on this website and get...

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My name is Barbara and I love making comfort food. I am dedicated to providing you with simple comfort food recipes that are damn delicious and sooth the soul. Come join me and hopefully we'll have a damn good time too.

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