Month: April 2015

Smoked Barbecue Pork Ribs

Barbecue Pork Ribs Equal Love April in the pacific northwest almost always turns my thoughts towards smoked barbecue pork ribs. I love to barbecue all kinds of different meat and experiment with different cooking methods. With food prices so incredibly high these days, I find that pork ribs are still a relatively affordable meat to slow cook on a barbecue. When I say barbecue, I mean the traditional smoked barbecue methods that require hours to complete. It is true that you can boil your ribs and get them done in thirty to forty-five minutes and the truth is, I think they...

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Drunken Shortcake

Simple Shortcake It is pretty obvious I love cookouts in the backyard and making my favorite summer dessert, drunken shortcake is a great end to those cookouts. This is one of my favorite summertime desserts. I think will quickly become one of yours as well. I was first introduced to this recipe by a former roommate several years ago, and have loved it ever since. My roommate had one particular talent and that was cooking. She showed me a couple of recipes I still use to this day, and this is one of them. Another favorite is a similar version to my Healthy...

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Miso Chicken With Garlic and Ginger

Miso Chicken With Garlic and Ginger I really love miso. The idea to make miso chicken with garlic and ginger stemmed from the big tub of miso soup paste I had in the refrigerator. I usually used the miso paste to make soup. Now I wanted to find a new use for the miso paste since soup season was ending. Chicken seemed the likely ingredient to use. Super Easy Miso chicken with garlic and ginger is an easy dish that has a wonderful mix of delicious Asian spices. This chicken can be either baked or grilled depending on your preference. If you are...

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Baked Crispy Ranch Chicken

Crispy Chicken Goodness Baked crispy ranch chicken is a nice change of pace from fried chicken that tastes absolutely amazing, and is incredibly easy to make. Baked chicken is a much much healthier alternative to fried chicken. The key to making baked chicken is to use a dried package of ranch dressing. This adds the flavor and keeps the chicken crispy as it bakes. My mother used to use salad dressing for many different recipes other than salads. Mom often did this because of the simplicity of adding all the spices from one little packet that made life a little easier...

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Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich

Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich The first time I met my friend Cori was the day I first tried making a smoked pulled pork sandwich. At the time, I just had a small electric grill that I had rigged up so that I could put some hickory chips in the smoker without setting it on fire. I then placed the pork shoulder in a cast iron pan to catch the dripping grease, and slow cooked the roast at around 250° F. for about 6 hours. As the roast was finishing up, my roommate came home with her friend Cori. After hanging...

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My name is Barbara and I love making comfort food. I love to ask questions about food and cooking and answer them with each post. I am dedicated to providing you with simple comfort food recipes that are damn delicious, sustainable, and sooth the soul. Come join me and hopefully we'll have a damn good time and learn a little from each other.

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