Month: June 2015

Healthy Chicken Burgers

Healthy Chicken Burgers Healthy chicken burgers are a great red-meat substitute for feeding your friends and family for this fourth of July celebration. The Himalayan salt rock is a healthy fun way to cook burgers with a perfectly salted taste that everyone will love. Once you use the salt rock you will never go back, all your grilling will be on the salt rock. The Himalayan Salt Rock I learned about cooking with a Himalayan salt block one Christmas when my co-worker mentioned she was giving one as a gift to her brother in law. She saw the confusion on my face and...

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Baked Beans

Aunt Polly’s Awesome Baked Beans What could be more American than baked beans served for your fourth of July barbecue? Aunt Polly’s awesome baked beans just such a dish to make for the fourth of July celebration both traditional and tasty. While my aunt Polly made this recipe in an oven, I have altered it to cook it in a Dutch oven on a campfire using charcoal. You can use your home oven as well, but cooking this outside is also fun. Besides, who wants to turn their house into a furnace by using their oven on a hot summer day? I remember...

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Healthy Caprese Salad

Healthy Caprese Salad Healthy Caprese salad is such a tasty way to include a healthy salad in your outdoor cooking. There are several ways to make Caprese salad, this is one of my favorites. Healthy Caprese salad is so simple and makes the perfect summertime dish when the weather is hot and you don’t want to spend hours over hot flames. You can serve this either as a salad or as an appetizer. A Great Recipe Healthy Caprese salad is another great recipe my old roommate taught me. She also taught me the Drunken Shortcake recipe, which is absolutely delicious....

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Father’s Day Grilled Steak

Juicy Father’s Day Grilled Steak This Father’s Day make your dad a nice juicy grilled steak on the grill with this awesome recipe! There are many people out there that will tell you that steak is not healthy for you. However, let dad indulge today and remember that there are many healthy reasons to eat steak. Check out this article stating 31 science based facts as to why it is good to eat steak from Atlas Steak House in Brooklyn. That being said, go ahead and celebrate father’s day with a nice juicy steak tonight. Or any night the...

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Sourdough Pancakes

Sourdough Sourdough pancakes are an awesome way to start your morning. They are hardy, stick to your ribs, and taste amazing. This recipe comes from my friend K.C. who brought me some sourdough starter back when I was camp hosting in my RV. K.C.s family had been using this strain for a while and offered up some to any takers. I jumped on the opportunity. It was difficult trying to cultivate my starter in the RV when the weather here was still cold but with the help of a seedling heating mat, I was able to get my starter to grow. K.C....

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