Month: July 2016

Bacon Wrapped Polish Sausage

You Had Me At Bacon Delicious bacon wrapped Polish sausage. For most people when you mention these delicious treats you will have them at bacon! This incredible delight was inspired by my friend Jr who used to get these in his younger military days and loved them so much he wanted to make them for us. After a trip to the big wholesale store, Jr came back with a huge package of delicious Polish sausage. We were contemplating grilling them for dinner when Jr opened the fridge and pulled out the Polish sausage and a package of bacon. “Toothpicks,”...

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Crispy Fried Chicken

Tender and juicy on the inside with a savory crispy outside make this one of the best damn crispy fried chicken recipes you will ever have. Simply spiced, double dipped, and fried to perfection, you can’t go wrong with this recipe. What Is Crispy Fried Chicken Crispy fried chicken is a dish consisting of chicken pieces like thighs and drumsticks, that is breaded and either deep fried, pan fried or pressure cooked to create a golden brown crispy crust around the chicken. In other words, fried chicken is a  damn delicious dish! Where Is Fried Chicken From While a...

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My name is Barbara and I love making comfort food. I love to ask questions about food and cooking and answer them with each post. I am dedicated to providing you with simple comfort food recipes that are damn delicious, sustainable, and sooth the soul. Come join me and hopefully we'll have a damn good time and learn a little from each other.

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